Monday, September 15, 2008


How to setup your own microblog with Laconica

Leslie Michael Orchard over at 0xDECAFBAD created a great article entitled Getting Laconica up and running"

In this article, he provides excellent set of instructions for creating your own 'twitter like' microblog.

I have setup my own following his instructions, and you can now follow me at

Why would you want to do this? - Well the main reason is because as twitter grows and grows it is continuing to run into scalability problems. It is being used for a lot of reasons, and is taking a lot of resources.

Laconica solves this problem by creating a distributed set of microblogs. You can still follow others (just like on twitter), but you can follow people on their own microblog.

So adding to Leslie's idea, I have packaged his instructions in a set of 3 scripts which you can run on your Ubuntu box and get up an running in just moments.

Download the tarball of the scripts here

Script #1 -> Installs the main laconica program on your box, and ensures all the necessary pre-resiquotes are installed

Script #2 -> Installs the extras needed for OpenID, and XMPPHP

Script #3 -> Sets up the mysql database for storing information

You will still have to modify the config.php as noted on Leslie's blog, and tweak it a bit to get it working. I have not double tested these scripts, so please use them at your own risk, but they should give you a bit of a headstart!

Enjoy !

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