Monday, October 20, 2008


Checking and Repariing MySQL Database

The tech republic has an excellent article on how to repair tables in your MySQL database.

Data corruption is every DBA's worst nightmare. There's nothing quite like the experience of coming to work one morning, finding that four years of hard-earned corporate data has just been corrupted, and the entire organization is looking to you to recover it. It sure beats coffee for a wake-up call.


Friday, October 10, 2008


How to copy your Ubuntu installation to another drive

I recently decided to buy a new hard drive, so I was glad to come across this article from ArsGeek which helped explain how to easily move my existing customize Ubuntu installation to the new hard disk simply

Friday, October 3, 2008


What can I do if I forgot my Administrator password?

It happens to the best of us. I've served as a network administrator for over 10 years. So I'm quite familar with users telling me they forgot their password and they can't access his or her computer.

Worse yet what if it's the Administrator password that is locked? How do you gain access to such a machine.

Have no fear; Windows security isn't as "tough" as it looks, there are a few great tools out there that allow you to reset a lost administrator password.

If you've tried everything else, I recommend trying the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor by offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

It works by creating a boot CD that you boot into a special version of linux. The linux can mount your Windows drive and optionally reset the Administrator password. I recommend only choosing the option to 'blank the password'.


1) Download the ZIP file here

2) Unzip the file, inside it you will find a file .ISO. This is the CD Boot image

3) Use your favorite CD Burning program to burn a CD from the ISO

4) Boot the CD and following the instructions

5) Reboot your computer when prompted.

When you restart your system may do a check of your disk; this is normal.

After your system is restarted, you can enter the username Administrator with a blank password and viola! you're in


Good Luck!

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