Sunday, June 14, 2009


How to make T-Shirt Transfers under Ubuntu Linux

The other day, I was wanting to make some custom T-Shirts. A while back my wife bought me T-Shirt transfer inkjet labels as a Christmas Present.

The original T-Shirt I made was on Windows, it was for my oldest daughter, it turned out quite well, but that was a while back before I switched over the Ubuntu.

I was a little disappointed, because I searched and searched but could not found a "T-Shirt" or "Mirror" setting to put my design on the labels.

Well, I quickly found an easy work around, Here's how to do it

1) Create your T-Shirt Design using your favorite OpenOffice product (eg: OpenOffice Writer)

2) Choose the Option to "Export" your work as a "PDF File" (for best results save the PDF with lossless compression

3) Open The GIMP image Editor

4) Open your PDF file in GIMP (Yes, GIMP opens PDF files, I was surprised myself)

5) From The GIMP under Tools..>Transform Tools -> Flip

6) Click on your open image to Flip the Image

..And Viola you have a reversed image you can print on your T-Shirt

Hope you enjoy!

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