Sunday, November 21, 2010


How to Iron a shirt

The other day I just bought some new dress shirts, so I figured I better learn how to start ironing, here's the video that helped teach me, hope you find it useful as well

How to Iron a Shirt -- powered by eHow.comStep 1: Find the tag on your shirt that indicates what it's made of

Step 2: Plug in the iron and set the dial to the recommended fabric. Some fabrics such as cotton require a high heat setting while others such as nylon require a low heat setting

Step 3: Add water to your iron. Distilled water is often recommend to keep your iron lasting a long life time

Step 4: Iron the collar, inside first and then the outside

Step 5: Iron the cuffs, again inside first and then the outside, be careful around the buttons

Step 6: Iron the sleeves, flattening them first to avoid creases

Step 7: Hang the shirt over the board so that one front panel can be extended flat, Iron from shoulder to shirt tail

Step 8: Rotate the shirt and continue along the back until your reach the other panel.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


On The Skills of Learning

There are several, implicit, principles which are of extreme importance to individual learning. I cannot speak for all people and in fact can only speak of myself. It is through these principles that I believe humans can evolve to higher levels of understanding and reasoning.



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Monday, November 8, 2010


Fixing Ubuntu Notifications

One of my favorite features of the Ubuntu (Linux) Operating system is the notify-send (also known as NotifyOSD). However in Ubuntu 9.04 and greater the notification window has moved. Here’s how to fix it so it works like earlier versions.

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