Sunday, November 21, 2010


How to Iron a shirt

The other day I just bought some new dress shirts, so I figured I better learn how to start ironing, here's the video that helped teach me, hope you find it useful as well

How to Iron a Shirt -- powered by eHow.comStep 1: Find the tag on your shirt that indicates what it's made of

Step 2: Plug in the iron and set the dial to the recommended fabric. Some fabrics such as cotton require a high heat setting while others such as nylon require a low heat setting

Step 3: Add water to your iron. Distilled water is often recommend to keep your iron lasting a long life time

Step 4: Iron the collar, inside first and then the outside

Step 5: Iron the cuffs, again inside first and then the outside, be careful around the buttons

Step 6: Iron the sleeves, flattening them first to avoid creases

Step 7: Hang the shirt over the board so that one front panel can be extended flat, Iron from shoulder to shirt tail

Step 8: Rotate the shirt and continue along the back until your reach the other panel.

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