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How to use IMAPSYNC with Yahoo IMAP

It took me quite a while to get this all worked out. So once i figured it out I figured I should document it for prosperities sake.

IMAPSYNC is a cool tool that let's you sync folders between 2 IMAP style mailboxes. If you use Ubuntu (and why don't you?). You can get it from apt-get with this command

sudo apt-get install imapsync

The syntax is fairly straight forward, until you want to sync with a "Yahoo" IMAP server, because the Yahoo server has a few 'tricks'.

So to make it easy just grab a copy of this perl script

BWebCentral - imapsync-yahoo

Which will allow you to select the imap yahoo server correctly

Technical Details:

The servers for syncing with Yahoo are

1) - For standard unencpted imap
2) - For SSL Encrypted imap

How it Works:

The orginal imapsync, sends the login command as "Login".  For strange reasons yahoo will not authentice with "Login". Instead you have to use "login" or "LOGON". So a simple change to remove the uppercase "L" fixes this

Yahoo IMAP requires a secret command to be sent at the start of the session, otherwise it will not authenticate you.

This command is "ID ("GUID" "1")".  Thanks to!-Mail-IMAP-Proxy.html!-Mail-IMAP-Proxy.html for explaining how this works

Have fun syncing your imap folders

I am trying to use this and get the following error. I have imapsync 1.315 installed and working except for the yahoo issue. I am a beginner of Ubuntu so I could be doing some dumb.
I just copied the perl script at then then made it executable.
Thanks for your help.

Subroutine Authuser redefined at ./ line 1877.
imapsync needs perl lib Mail::IMAPClient release 2.2.9 exactly, future imapsync release may suppoort 3.0.x, but sorry not now
# Looks like your test exited with 2 before it could output anything.
Hi Patrick,

It sounds like you are using an earlier version of imapsync. There is a known problem with compatibility described here

Are you using an earlier version of Ubuntu that perhaps only has the buggy version of imapsync. I tihnk if you can get the patched version of imapsync working from the link above, then my yahoo version should work okay
Thanks for the feedback. It seems like the current version cost 30 euros. While this script would be useful it is not worth that much to me. Let me know if I am wrong.

I'm using it fine here, and I didn't pay anything for it,

the imapsync program as far as I know is free

There is another program called Zimbra which uses imapsync, it might cost money I'm not sure.
Sorry, I am being dumb then. The only place I can find the latest version is which costs 30 euros.
I am using Ubuntu 10.10 which has imapsync 1.315.
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